Posted on 29-01-2018


Fabbrica Technical department, after the summer break, continues with the new expert seminars and presentations.

This time we organized a seminar for our long-term customers in order to introduce them all new products from the sales range, present the cycles with new coatings for surface protection, which can significantly improve the production process and maximize the speed of realization of the actual jobs in the production itself.
In addition, this was a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge related to the segment of surface treatment of wooden elements in the interior.

During the presentation, coatings from different segments of surface protection are briefly presented, with a special emphasis on products that can be used in attempt to achieve much better final effect on the treated elements.

One of the coatings that caused particular interest during the seminar was the NEW WHITE HIGH-COVERAGE POLYURETHAN BASECOAT.
It is a product from an advanced series with a high solid content, after application forms an extremely rich layer, which makes it particularly suitable for cycles with high-gloss colors.
The substrate has been modified so that it is harder to grind. In this way, it is avoided the ability to be too rough, which would adversely affect the final appearance of the surface treated with the final lacquer applied in cycles as the last layer.
The additional advantage consider that the varnished surface can be sanded 2 hours after the application, which means that the realization of the painting job can be significantly accelerated.

Since our guests have a lot of different and specific requirements for interior decoration in terms of different substrates combination, special coatings for surface protection and metal decoration are presented.

From this coatings group we can recommend two different surface protection cycles:

  • Transparent
  • Pigmented

In the clear cycle, acrylic varnishes are represented in different percentages of gloss. They are providing excellent protection against subsequent oxidation of surfaces, also protection from mechanical damages caused by exploitation. They are also suitable for the treatment of precious metals (gold, silver, copper, and even brass, nickel and the like).

In the pigmented cycle of surface protection, the following options are recommended:

  • Standard colors according to RAL and NCS tone maps in different shade variants
  • Polyurethane colors with texture
  • Metallic colors with texture
  • Metallic effects (gold, silver, copper)
  • Metal patinas
  • Special effects

During the practical part of the presentation, with our application technicians, all coatings and cycles of surface protection were tested. The goal was, of course, to present the characteristics and advantages of each of the proposed coatings and work cycles.

After the seminar was discussed, everything presented, as well as the possibilities of improving the process of work in the client’s production facility.