Posted on 15-06-2017


Fabbrica company continues with the practice of presentations organization for its clients, in order to improve cooperation, as well to present new products from its own sales range. On this occasion, the team of Fabbrica technologists and technicians organized another successful presentation for its clients.

During the presentation, different coatings for surface protection were briefly presented, with a special emphasis on the special requirements that are coming from the client’s productions.

This time, the importance of optimal working conditions in spray rooms was specially discussed. Following matters were emphasized : selection of an adequate cycle, the importance of proper preparation and application of varnishes, drying time, storage of painted elements, stacking and packaging.

If we know that all the coatings have been formulated and tested under optimum operating conditions, which consider a temperature of about 20°C and a relative air humidity of 50-60%, special care must be taken during application of the varnishes, when the working conditions vary from the standard. In this case, the coating process must be additionally adapted to the specific working conditions, which often slows the realization of the painting process itself.

Considering the current weather conditions, or extremely high temperatures, it was suggested the use of slow summer thinners as well as special catalysts. The use of mentioned components, allows slower drying of varnishes, easier application and better results achievement.

The necessity of using so-called retarders was also mentioned, whose use slows down the drying of lacquer in extreme temperatures.

The second, practical part of the presentation was organized at the Fabbrica specialized training center.
The Fabbrica laboratory technicians, presented to the visitors our work organization in Technical department, the possibility of products toning according to the requirements of the customer, modern equipment for different shades formulation and varnishes testing, but also the quality control system implemented in order to provide adequate supply of the market with top quality materials.

On this occasion, various types of coatings were practically presented, their correct application, as well as the most common mistakes occurring during the application.
The aim of the practical part of the presentation was to familiarize customers with the characteristics of coatings that they do not use in everyday work, as well as, with all new coatings from a wide rich range of Fabbrica products.
Likewise, clients had the opportunity to test different coatings independently with the assistance of our application technicians.

All guests have been ensured of the many possibilities of improving the working procedure that Fabbrica company enables its customers.