Coating equipment

FABBRICA has included in its sales program for the coating application equipment, US manufacturer De Vilbiss.

De Vilbiss company is dedicated to innovative technology. The team, which deals with planning and designing equipment, is included in all requests and problems of surface treatment. Their constant work on improvements resulted in significant improvement of the coating process and the achievement of high quality painted surfaces.

The offer includes renowned manufacturer of a wide range of products for spray coating applications (spray guns, pressure vessels, pumps, etc) and other equipment for industrial painting.

De Vilbiss equipment is recommended for the application of single component and two component coating (synthetic and water) primarily in the wood industry but also in plastic and metal.

This company, in addition to the existing conventional and HVLP, has developed new technology for spraying Trans-Tech, which allows utilization of materials more than 65% and thus significant savings. The technology is compliant with the strict requirements of environmental protection.

All DeVilbiss spray guns have CE (Europe) certificates.