Special effects


Recently in furniture manufacturing, board materials are increasingly present. MDF stands out as the most commonly used material, because it offers a variety of processing capabilities. As answer to the new market demands, coating’s productions have created a series of pigmented coatings for protection and decoration of MDF.

Coatings with special effects made MDF more attractive and interesting for exploitation. Thanks to this type of coatings, the most specific requirements in the appearance of painted surfaces can be achieved.

Coatings with special effects, according to chemical composition, belong to the group of two-component polyurethane coatings. Considering specific formulation of these products, after their application it is necessary to overcoat them with transparent acrylic topcoat in wanted gloss percent in order to achieve adequate protection and appearance on treated surface.

The aesthetic properties of these type of coatings are the result of the presence of suitable pigments and special particles inside them. The appearance of the surface obtained by their use depends on the type and intensity of light to which treated elements are exposed, as well as the viewing angle.

This type of coatings enable furniture manufacturers to express their creativity in the choice of color combinations and surface appearance, and that in a very simple way, with conventional method of coating application, achieve extremely attractive surface appearance.