Technical service

Technical service is the priority of the company, and it is guaranteed and always available.

In order to recommend you the right product from the offer, we need to know the material you chose for processing and the effect you wish to achieve for we offer the different systems and techniques of use of the coatings.

The technologists and technicians using the modern working techniques, work daily on getting the different shades of the stains and pigment colours according to costumer’s requirements.

Besides the wide set of formulations, the laboratory has the modern equipment (the newest software and spectrophotometer) that enables the workers to define and achieve the most demanding colour shades in your production.

Owing to the large selection of special effect coatings, you can achieve the effects of patina, metal, rubber, mother-of-pearl, marble, textile, ceramics, leather, silver, gold, and many others, according to your wish.

The team responsible for the technical support on the field gives constant, quick and highly professional service. Demonstration of the use of the coatings and constant support considering resolving the current problems are the reasons to rely on us.

Communication with the customers and consultations are on daily basis. We try to improve the quality of the service in order to give the best support to the associates.