Posted on 29-01-2018


Expert team of Fabbrica company has realized INTERACTIVE SEMINAR – FABBRICA DAYS with the main idea to present to its clients and associates the characteristics of the coatings and application technology of different products from the wood industry segment.

During the seminar, all materials for surface treatment and decoration of wooden surfaces were presented, as well as special, new and technologically advanced coatings that are unique in the domestic market. Our goal was to give special attention to the characteristics of the coating we offer, emphasize their advantages, the field of use and the quality of surface protection that can be achieved.

Considering that our guests coming from a business segment that is focused on projects of large buildings furnishing, the available cycles of surface protection and decoration for that purpose were presented, as well as materials that are suggested for residential and public buildings, hotels, buildings and business premises.

On this occasion, we informed the attendees about all the certificates we possess for different types of coating, as well as the way how our expert team participates in material and cycle recommendations.

The special attention was dedicated on fire-retardant coatings, mainly because the number of requests of investors, that are interested for the application of mentioned coatings, significantly increased in the different objects furnishing.
Fabbrica doo technologists presented how the material selection or fire protection cycle of surface protection is carried out, which implies a clear definition of the standard that the cycle must satisfy, the type of material that has to be varnished, the desired final effect to be achieved, and the like.

Within the Fabbrica Training Center, all the services that we are providing to our clients, were presented in detail, and they are related to : different colors formulation according to customer’s request, preparation of the samples, as well as the possibility of training for the application of different types of coatings.
During the practical presentation, all the participants had the opportunity to test the coatings that were their subject of their interest, with the assistance and suggestions of our application technicians. On this occasion, the factors that most often influence the appearance of certain problems and irregularities on the treated surfaces, as well as the way they can be overcome, were discussed.

After the presentation, it was subsequently discussed about everything presented, as well as about the possibilities of improving the work in order to achieve the best results in wooden surfaces protection and decoration.