Posted on 21-06-2017


Fabbrica technical support service organized another seminar for its associates from the wood industry sector.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce the business policy of Fabbrica company, a large selection of products for various purposes that are available on our standard stock, technical support that we provide to our associates, as well as various possibilities and new trends in interior design.

Fabbrica technical service, which is divided into 4 segments, was presented to our guests:

  • The Expert consultation team, which selects and suggests the varnishes according to the clients requirements, prepares technical documentation and cycle recommendations;
  • The Technical team for specific customer requests, which carries out the different shading according to the customer’s desire, tests the different surface protection cycles, does the samples preparation, and the like;
  • The Technical team for field support, which carries out material presentations and helps with the application of material in the production facilities of clients, and adapts the techniques to the specific needs of clients;
  • The Development team, which follows current market demands, current trends in the surface protection segment, tests new materials, new systems, techniques and presents them to the market.

During the presentation, all coatings recommended for surface protection and decoration of different types of substrates were discussed, with particular reference to the numerous specific requirements arising from the production itself. In addition, important topics related to: adequate preparation for the painting process, the importance of the appropriate cycle selection and the proper varnishes application, the drying time between the layers, working conditions, storage of the painted elements, and their packaging.

The aim of the practical part of the presentation was to familiarize clients with the characteristics of the coatings they use in everyday work, as well as with all new coatings from a very wide range of Fabbrica products. Likewise, clients had the opportunity to test all coatings independently with the assistance of our application technicians.

In addition, special training , for the application of different types of coatings, was carried out, demonstrated the techniques of work that should be applied in order to achieve the desired effect on the treated surfaces more easily.

All guests have witnessed the many possibilities of improving the working procedure that Fabbrica company enables its customers.